[A4] tires, speaking of tires, anyone have any used 17's lay'n around?

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Thu Dec 27 16:22:12 PST 2007

Hate to point this out, but the wheel(s) that are triggering ABS are being
used to
the maximum point of availible braking traction, within the limits of the
ABS computer
and pump, which is nowhere near lost braking. I'd estimate that even the
early Bosch
series 1 ABS is capable of using nearly 70% the availible braking traction
for the activated
wheels. And, in the case of the type 44 and C4 cars, loosing the rears will
hardly affect
things, they're not doing too much braking anyway (virtually no traction due
to weight
transfer) in a threshold situation.


On 12/27/07, Brett Dikeman <quattro at frank.mercea.net> wrote:
> On Dec 27, 2007, at 1:14 PM, Huw Powell wrote:
> > Yes, but forcing a differential to constantly rotate to make up for
> > tire
> > diamter issues is hard on it.
> Huw's on the money here.
> I think I overhead Chris Miller once say that Volvo's system didn't
> like tires with different wear levels and such- that the XC saw
> high(er) failure rates in those cases.
> > For handling it would be nice to have four identical tires.
> Ding!  Even tires that are different ages will have different levels
> of grip, yep.  This is probably most noticeable for people when they
> brake, hard.  ABS comes on for the wheel that starts slipping, but
> that wheel is largely useless every time ABS kicks in...and if you
> only have three-channel ABS and it's a back wheel, you just lost both
> back wheels...
> Brett
> PS:Side note, this had me thinking: a new way to get people to
> contribute to the wiki!  Post something controversial and then link to
> it in a post.  "BAH!  That moron, he's all wrong.  Now how do I edit
> this..." :-P
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