[A4] tires, speaking of tires, anyone have any used 17's lay'n around?

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Fri Dec 28 16:52:24 PST 2007

Do flames from the bottom of the world go up?

On 12/27/07, Roy Wendell <erwendell at mac.com> wrote:
> On Dec 28, 2007, at 3:23 PM, Grant Lenahan wrote:
> > Of course it is.
> > Its all a matter of "what % torsen movement is too much?"
> >
> > By the way, what's with teh T*&$#@sen stuff?
> Says the innocent person who wasn't around for the Torsen flame wars
> circa 1999......
> Let's just say that the word Torsen kind of took on the same aura that
> the word Voldemort has in the Harry Potter series. Only the brave dare
> say it lest they invite divine retribution by the Audi gods. In
> reality it was more of a geek war waged by those who had Torsen
> against those who didn't and those who thought they understood torsen
> better than anyone else. I personally found it quite informative and
> I've since become the resident expert on all things differential and
> AWD. You wouldn't believe how many so called mechanics are completely
> clueless about the various 4WD and AWD systems and their related
> effects on vehicle performance and failure modes. The manufacturers
> (esp. Subaru) confuse things even more with inane ad campaigns, the
> automotive scribes dare not criticize any of them, and only WRC
> drivetrain engineers probably understand it all on a level we would
> appreciate.
> Good thing I'm currently working in Antarctica. I don't think the
> flames will reach me here.
> Ha ha.
> Roy
> PS, if you really want to get around in the snow you need a Hagglunds
> http://www.leavesley-international.com/default.asp?strParentGroup=HAGGLUND
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