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Fri Dec 28 18:42:18 PST 2007

Was that Wylie's UrS4 parked in the paddock all the way down in towards turn
1 near the garages? I forgot what state the tags were from (one of the
Carolina's, I think, I haven't had the time to sort through all the pics).
Damn, wish we had the time to coordinate all of that. Taka and I were the
only ones I knew were there. And you wouldn't have recognized our ride, we
were in one of the at least 1/2 dozen or so Shelby GT-H ragtops that were

Also, do you know what track is intended for Rennsport IV?

On 12/28/07, Cody Forbes <cody at> wrote:
> Once a week it seems I see a post where somebody mentioned they were at
> Rennsport. WTH! We need to get

together on these things!!! As of yet I of course know I attended (white
> 5ktq, supporting a white RSR and a red ur-S 911), S-car lister Wylie Bean
> was there with his red urS4 (and we met up), Taka was there unbeknownst to
> me, who else??
> Just to get the jump on things, I'll be at Rennsport IV. Let me know if
> you are going ;-). We can all meet for lunch, 12:30 at Hooters across from
> the track on Saturday.
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