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thejimrose thejimrose at
Sat Dec 29 10:13:46 PST 2007

well i WAS just teasing, the 44 is a great car but i did have a few

> The only A4 I'd have is a V6 B5 Avant, but even that's borderline. Plus
> I'd
> rather not own any OBDII car - extra cost of the OBDII state inspection,
> the
> extra headache with making it pass the more stringent OBDII inspection
> (pre-OBDII cars barely even get looked at here), lack of performance and
> lack of...errr....upgradability (its a word now damnit) before it won't
> pass inspection. Not only that but parts are more expensive then a 5k's
> typical needs and the newer cars leak as much or more fluids.

well i cant argue obd cost. altho in CA it's a wash. did you say lack of
upgradeability [i'm stealing your made-up word!] for a b5? there's 10x the
amount of aftermarket support for the b5 than the 44.

leaks? my a4 has had a few dribbles but all easilly remedied. definitely
tighter than my 5k.  the subsystems on the b5 are fare more reliable than on
the 44. esp the hydraulic / steering system which was a nightmare and
failure prone on the 44's. when i owned my 5kcstq 4 years ago i didn't find
parts any less expensive then i do now for the b5.

> On both the 4 and 6 cylinder A4's I'm too concerned with the issues with
> the
> oil cooler leaks - I've seen a good number of them bad on customer cars.

it's not worth worrying about - it's  like 40$ and an hour to fix. try that
with a brake pressure accumulator.

> Then there's the valve cover oil leaks and the cam adjuster leaks again on
> both the 4 and 6 cylinder cars.

i did my vcg as a matter of course, but no issues there ever. 150k and 2x
the stock boost. never a drop of oil leaked.. well.. except when my fumoto
valve failed. =(

......but for the money I'd buy a worn out 930 instead ;-).

and take out a 2nd mortgage? ;-)

i totally hear you on the robustness of the early motors, but the overall
robustness of the subsystems of the car have, in [i think] most people's
experiences, meant for a vastly improved maintenance record.

i had TWO audi only mechanics that serviced my 5k beg me to ditch it and get
an a4 b/c they were so much less costly, and i think they were pretty sick
of seeing the 5k.

but, you've gotta drive / fix what you love. with no garage space in san
francisco it's really hard to always be tuning wrenches. i LOVED my 5k, and
miss it, especially roadtripping in it - trunk space and that highway ride!
[well, when it didn't break down] but i can't imagine wrestling with
doorhandles. =)

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