UrQ Intercooler Solutions

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 11:25:32 EST 2007

thanks roy + cody. interesting points.. about ic as heatsink. hadn't
considered that. ive considered the water spray as well and have most
of the parts already,  thanks to home depot racing..

cody that a4 IC is BANANNAS. sell me a kit, please?

but pressing a spray button and filling a water reservoir every so
often just seems like a bandaid fix. effective as it might be. water
to air seems like a better solution, but only if it was self contained
and the water was refrigerated in a closed loop system. works for pc
cpu's, why not ic's? agreed its too complex for retrofit on a street
car, but im surprised that manufacturers havent figured out something
more efficient than a passive ic.

> Ben.. on the later model cars the intercooler is mounted in front of the
> wheel well with louvers in the plastic inner wheel well for airflow.

actually only the b5s4 has this as far as i know. the a4's dont. the
s4 fender liners are cheap tho [50$ at ecs, i just got one for the a4]
and you could cut out the louvered section as a panel to epoxy/rivet
into an older car. it would be a pretty stock-looking solution.

> I don't know much about the UrQ, or if you have already thought of it
> but what about moving the IC away from the "front" of the car. And into
> a space in front of the wheel, then make a cold air intake duct to force
> air to the IC?

nice thing there is you dont get a pressure drop behind the ic which
can effect radiator, ac condenser etc. plus it keeps the front of the
car as uncut and stock looking as possible. which would be nice for a
classic like the urq.

tyrolsport makes a really nice looking smic for the a4's that might be
a nice starting point for a repositioned ic. also just a thought.

and no im not going street racer, =) but i am going to change out the
turbo or an 034 hybrid and upgrade to more agressive tuning. with
those i will definitely need to improve the intake situation.


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