Brake fitment. Will '89 200FWD calipers fit a 90 20vQ?

Mike Pshenishny r3dmist at
Thu Feb 1 19:27:26 EST 2007

The 90q 20v used single piston calipers in the front.  The Coupe q 20v used
dual pistons G60 calipers, but they weren't the same as the G60s on the
200s.  The site should answer most of your questions with regard to
getting G60s on your 90q 20v:

-Mike Pshenishny

On 2/1/07, Tony Hoffman <auditony at> wrote:
> I believe the 20V 90Q used the same two piston Girling G60 Calipers as the
> 200. A quick look at them should tell. They will have "G60" stamped into
> the
> top.
> Tony Hoffman

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