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David Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Fri Feb 2 15:53:03 EST 2007

I always read the reviews on tirerack.com
You can tell what kind of person wrote the opinion by the car they drive 
(listed) and their driving habits (also listed).

Dave Kase
stating the obvious...

LL - NY wrote:

>I am assuming the FK452 is an improvement on the FK451. My
>biggest (minor) complaint on the FK451 for street use is the softer
>than expected sidewalls, less responsive in turn in than expected
>for a Max Performance tire. Otherwise VERY grippy, and unexpectedly
>quiet for it's class, good wet, smooth riding. This eval is entirely street
>based, so track junkies will need a review from someone else. I would
>rate it's performance (street) somewhat below the GY Eagle F1 GSD3,
>mostly due to the diminished response comparatively, but they feel
>as if they grip as well, and they are much quieter.
>LL - NY
>On 2/2/07, Steve Marinello <smarinello at entouch.net> wrote:
>>Anyone have any new opinion to offer on the Falken FK-452 or the Toyo
>>T1-R?  I've seen  mostly good on the Falkens (overall and compared to
>>the FK-451) and disappointment on the T1-R's (compared to the T1-S).
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