Need help finding some parts

John Cody Forbes cody at
Fri Feb 2 20:09:18 EST 2007

I'm sorry for the very little Audi content, but I need some sctuff in order to do some welding on my quattro.

My father and I traded welders, as his has feautes that I need, and mine had features he could use. We realised that each others welders were better suited to the other person ;-). Trouble is that he kept the regulator off of his (and got my regulator), and I can't find one like it anywhere.

I need a regulator with a flowmeter such as the one in the below picture:

Thats the easy bit. Trouble is that I also need/want dual pressure gauges like a standard welding gauge set. I can't find one like it anywhere with 2 pressure gauges (tank pressure and output pressure) that also has a flow meter. In fact the only one I've ever seen is the one my father has. I can get just the dual gauges anywhere, Home Depot, Harbor Freight, whatever, but I'm guna be TIG'ing so I really could use the flow meter also. 

Unfortunately I'm also broke, so the cheaper the better. I've thought of buying a setup like in the picture and combining it with a standard dual gauge setup, which may prove to be the best/only/cheapest option.

-Cody Forbes
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