generic A4 questions

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Sun Feb 4 16:21:26 EST 2007

Either 2000.5 or 2001 introduced ESP to the A4.

1999.5 got the projector beam headlamps, a huge improvement over the
original type.

Look for more oval side markers, updated dash w/ 3 switches and cupholder to
99.5 versus 99.

Maintenance records are a must with the 1.8T engine- sludge issues if the
engine was not
maintained properly. Timing belt service every 60k, regardless of the
service interval recommendations
(change the belt tensioner, water pump, front crank seal and accessory drive
belts when doing the
timing belt). Check torque on the plugs, never let them go loose, esp. on a
chipped car.


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