generic A4 questions

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Feb 5 14:14:11 EST 2007

> yeah i'm not too sure what bad can [will?] come of redlining a cold
> motor. if it's been running for a minute or 2 there ought to be
> sufficient oil in the engine.

There'd better be oil - under those conditions, the oil pressure gauge 
is pegged at 5 bar.  Hard to imagine "5w" isn't getting where it needs 
to be.  But at that time, I am not seeing motion on either coolant or 
oil temp gauges.  That comes a couple of miles up the road.

> i did read recently in bike mag that one of the motogp mechanics
> recommended gentle warmup because the rush of cold radiator juice when
> the tstat opens into a prematurely hot motor is, like, bad or
> something?

Interesting, sort of.  But coolant thermostats aren't "on/off" switches, 
they open gradually.  Also, at least with our engines, the "cold" juice 
from the radiator hits the t-stat before entering the engine, so if it 
is "too cold" only a little will get through at a time.

Huw Powell

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