allroad (was Aud iA8 wheels)

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Fri Feb 9 14:34:48 EST 2007

there are many "drives" that are better than the allroad but few cars that
are as complete a package.  our family travels 5-up, towing a trailer, with
2 bikes on the roof in comfort, quietness (yeah right) and safety, gravel
roads, rain or shine.  wrt the q7, the allroad is better packaged, less
ostentatious and better able to deal with the "it's a suv" brigade.  for the
school run, the 2 rear seats are a breeze, open the hatch and put the kids
in, leaving the usual rear seats for kit.  on a gravel road the allroad is
an impressive handler with the only issue being that esp is much too
aggressive so that it executes traction control in the face of corrugations
- meaning that for fast travel on gravel, it should be switched off.

also, with our diesel, we do 600kms on a 60l tank which we fill for bugger

here, down-under, the allroad is very very keenly sought after, particularly
in diesel.  the importer, who decided not to bring in the c6 allroad in
favour of the q7 is having difficulty in getting people out of allroad's
into the q7 and is now talking of importing the new allroad.

'03 rs6
'04 allroad tdi
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If you have an allroad 2.7T, yes, that is the same engine.

IMO, the current MBZ E500/550 4Matic wagon is a much better drive than the
or A6 Avant. Airmatic suspension has a nice range of adjustment from soft to
firm and
works decently in practice. Engine is much more tractable, but that's the
advantage of
5L vs. 2.7L + turbos.

Dynamically, the E39 540i Touring also is better than the allroad, but only
RWD. Available
M Technic sport package makes all the difference- the standard 540i is too
soft to be really
fun (although if you want to, you can easily do doughnuts all day long, even
in the dry, with
the crappy all-season 16" tires).


On 2/8/07, Alex Cagann <alex at> wrote:
> Additionally, I bought an 03 Audi Allroad
> yesterday. One word, WOW. I've never driven one before, what a blast. The
> roads here in Indy are covered with snow right now...that sucker is
> amazing.
> Is that the S4 engine?  Very nicely built and a solid driver. I have
> driven
> 5 series tourings and Eclass Benz wagon's...this thing blows them ALL away
> in every category.
> Alex

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