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Fri Feb 9 19:09:50 EST 2007

You can get the information on what the from the Bosch parts  catalogs.   
They have the bosch number and then in the reference  section they have the 
corresponding VAG number.
There are several catalogs for Bosch.
Gasoline and Diesel fuel injection parts catalog.
Alternator and starter parts catalog.
Ignition parts catalog.
And you can always go on the Bosch web site and get the bosch number for  any 
appropriate number for you car just by listing the part you want.
Greg W.
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crameradam at gmail.com writes:

Does  anyone know where to find a list of all audi part numbers (VAG)  cross
referenced with the part manufacturer's part number?

For  example...

Bosch part number 0 120 468 017 022
VAG part number  034 903 015F

Does ETKA contain all of this information?  Or can  this database of
information be purchase from somewhere?

I'm working  on a project that requires this kind of product information :)

Thanks  for your help.

95.5 S6 Avant

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