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On 2/10/07, Greg Johnson <gregsj2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Too good to be true?
> I'm always concerned with web sites that contain multiple mis-spellings
> and
> grammatically incorrect sentences: "These kits are passed the test of top
> level Japanese car manufactories, very good quality and it is
> Plug-n-Play."
> "*Anyone who wants to be a distributor of us are welcomed."  "*As we sell
> over 10000 Kits per month, so the quality of our product is very good and
> guaranteed, you will get warrantee for 14 months."
> Then there's the claimed engineering:  "Bi-xenon HID bulbs has a built-in
> solenoid that can move the bulbs to the high and low positions as in the
> stock halogen filament scenario, and thus convert BOTH high and low beams
> to
> xenon HID with just one bulb."    A light bulb with a solenoid?    Is this
> for real?
> Greg J*

I hate to be the guinea pig for this project, I might do it. We'll see how much longer I can stand the ol' 88 90q lights, they are very terrible. It is obviously a foreign website, they don't even know how to bs their way through the workings of a friggin light bulb. Like I said, cheap in more ways than one  Now we know where all their research and development when to, certainly not the study of the English language. Here is the original post:


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