Euro Ebay Inquiry WAS:Open question about 4000 Strut bars Jamex?

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Tue Feb 13 11:50:09 EST 2007

I got a reply and a 3 meg catalog in .pdf  I can forward it.
They have a steel bar $88 EURO
and Alumnimum..... $132 EURO  which looks like the one Bob saw.

Just from looking in the catalog most of their bars seem to be bent to go 
around things.

There is a footnote on the fitment for the 4000Q 80/90 Type 85, it says its a 
three piece bar set up.

Shipping was ~$40.00 Euro...So I suspect this is where the savings can come 
from shipping together.
> Past info:
> Ebay Item number: 200068105043      
> 80/90 (model 4000 Quattro US) Type81/85
> Artikel Part / Stock Number: 042001

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