4kq acceleration issue

Andrew Duane aduane at juniper.net
Tue Feb 13 15:26:04 EST 2007

BTW, I always found that a bottle of Marvel Mystery Oil in the oil of a
10V or 20V I5 worked wonders on quieting down noisy lifters. I would
usually pour it in a couple of days before an oil change, run it a
little while, then do the change with nice fresh oil of the proper

Kept my 20V purring along for many miles.

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> - The valve cover leaks and the lifters clack pretty bad.

Both common symptoms.  New rubber (not cork) valve cover gasket is about

$20; the nuts must be torqued very gently or a new one will leak, too.

An oil change or two might quiet the lifters down a bit, if you really 
can't stand it, they're about $60 or a set, and not too bad to replace 
if you're used to "inside the engine" mechanical work.

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