It's snowing...nice to have Q

David Kase davekase at
Wed Feb 14 12:02:21 EST 2007

Yeah, damnedest thing here in southern PA.  Hardly any cars on the road 
but I saw more Quattro's than I have ever seen before!

Dave Kase
wishing the CQ had a little more clearance...

Steve Sears wrote:

>It's "nice" here in Southern Ontario too....blasted out the driveway with 
>all the diffs locked, snow over the hood, the snowplow windrow at the end of 
>the driveway didn't even slow me down.  Passing cars and SUV's on the 
>highway, not even a shudder as the crosswinds blast around the bridges. 
>Exit the highway, pick up a coffee, find a bus stuck in one of the streets 
>to my office, a semi and a cube van suck in another.  Take the long way 
>around and park at the door of our office....alone.
>Happy Valentines Day to Q.
>Steve Sears
>1987 Audi 5kTQ - today's soundtrack, Blur; "Song Two" WooHOOO!!!!
>1980 Audi 5k
>1962 and '64 Auto Union DKW Junior deLuxes
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>>Here, in Indianapolis, it is awful outside. 6 to 12 inches of snow and 2
>>inches of ice below.  I helped out quite a few people today as I flew 
>>traffic in my quattro Allroad. Sure is nice to have an Audi Quattro this
>>time of the year...really makes you appreciate them that much more!
>>Alex Cagann 
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