I5 rebuild kits?

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Unless you have a reason to believe there is something wrong (very high
miles, oil burn etc.).  I would do a T-belt change (T-belt, T-stat, Idler
pulley, W pump) Camshaft seal, Crank seals and install away.  Maybe new hyd
valve lifters if they were clattering.  Typically MC1/2 motors just keep on
running past 300K miles without any sort of teardown.

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I have an 88 5KTQ Avant Tornado Red and I also have a 'spare' I5 that I want
to rebuild for transplant.  I'm not looking to make a rocket, just want to
rebuild the engine for reliability and longevity.  I do plan to chip the ECU
afterwards and I think that is all the Hp I will want out of it.

So, my question is, is there an I5 rebuild kit/set available?  Any preferred

Thanks for any input
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