1995 A6 Questions from Cat

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Thu Feb 15 20:07:07 EST 2007

As you mention "Park", it suggests an auto box. If so, the issue of 
shifting problem might be in the "Park" cut out switch.


>>When I bought my A6 about a year and a half ago a receipt by previous
>>owners said that a few months ago they had replaced the ignition
>>switch (along with timing belt) .... we replaced the ignition switch
>>twice and I finally took it to the dealership and had the housing and
>>ignition switch replaced.
>>What lead me to do that was that the car doesn't shift to a higher
>>gear sometimes.   It seemed to coincide with stopping the car,
>>turning it off and restarted it ... then it would run and shift
>>correctly.    At one time the ignition switch was very loose and if I
>>jiggled it then the car would shift up.   Now if I turn the car off,
>>which means step on the brake and put it in park and re-start, most
>>of the time that takes care of it ..... but 5% of the time it doesn't.
>>What are the possible causes of this?
>>Anyone else had this intermittent problem with an A6?
>>Thanks -
>>Cheers,  Fay

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