1995 A6 Questions from Cat

Fay Kelley iceisit at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 15 23:03:05 EST 2007

nick at beol.net wrote:
>I worked on a post '92 100 once and caused a problem..  I disconnected and replaced the switch on the trans that controls back up lights, shift indicator neutral start and maybe more.  After putting together the car wouldn't shift.  Required restting the computer, maybe by just diconnecting the battery, I didn't see that part.  So maybe a loose ot faulty multi $ function switch.

I want to add a few details .... I forgot to mention that just before I had the ignition switch and housing replaced, I was getting on the highway from the ramp, and it wouldn't shift to higher gear, instead of stopping first, like I usually do, I put my hand on the shift lever in anticipation of moving the lever, and it felt like it 'moved' a bit and then the car shifted up.

Now, there are probably a lot of things that could be going on simultaneously, and hard to diagnose .... just wondering what other people have experienced with the Audis.

Thanks everyone!
Cheers,  Fay

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