Dads new car

Dan DiBiase d_dibiase at
Fri Feb 16 14:38:50 EST 2007

thejimrose <thejimrose at> wrote: you  know i find myself shaking my head when i see adverts that the new
altima has like 300 hp. 300! hows an altima that'll smoke a b5s4?! that
doesn't seem right.

to think of all the work i've done for MAYBE 200 whp. ay yay yay...
'Smoke' is exactly the right word, as that is what you would generate from the front tires trying to use that 300 hp from a start!!

What does 200 whp translate to in 'regular' hp?

Dan D
'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
Central NJ USA

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