Barrett Jackson lawsuit

Alex Cagann alex at
Fri Feb 16 16:09:46 EST 2007

If anyone has been listening...there is a judge that filed a lawsuit against
B-J because they did not give him the promised three minute spot on the
block. Additionally, an esteemed journalist was booted from the auction this
year for not agreeing with Craig Jackson. The aforementioned lawsuit spurred
an article about the B-J Scottsdale Auction in which allegations of fraud
(shill bidding, B-J running their own cars and buying them back to drive
prices up, etc) and other inappropriate practices at this auction. Well, I
went checking today, and found that the powers that be put the pressure on
the author of this article, and he has since pulled the article, as well as
issued an apology. I'm certain the B-J lawyers put a ton of pressure on this
journalist, as you can imagine...B-J is a powerhouse with lots of dough.
Personally, I've been waiting for something to come out about this
auction...I've heard stories here and there, and couldn't believe nobody has
yet to speak up about it. Anyone else have stories or has heard anything


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