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Maybe revised, but no better.  I replaced 4 in the last 3 years. Dealer 
agrees - no significant difference.

however, there is great unit-to-unit variation.

On Feb 16, 2007, at 1:52 PM, Mike Veglia wrote:

> In a message dated 2/15/2007 Fay Kelley <iceisit at earthlink.net> wrote:
> << When I bought my A6 about a year and a half ago a receipt by 
> previous
> owners said that a few months ago they had replaced the ignition
> switch (along with timing belt) .... we replaced the ignition switch
> twice and I finally took it to the dealership and had the housing and
> ignition switch replaced.
> What lead me to do that was that the car doesn't shift to a higher
> gear sometimes.   It seemed to coincide with stopping the car,
> turning it off and restarted it ... then it would run and shift
> correctly.    At one time the ignition switch was very loose and if I
> jiggled it then the car would shift up.   Now if I turn the car off,
> which means step on the brake and put it in park and re-start, most
> of the time that takes care of it ..... but 5% of the time it doens't. 
> >>
> On the ignition switch, there was a revised part. I did the job twice 
> early on when we bought out '95 A6q avant. I made sure to get an 
> updated switch the second time and have not had an ignition switch 
> problem since (~4 years and 60k+ miles). Make sure you weren't getting 
> old stock switches. There is an interlock (shift lock device) between 
> the ignition switch and the shift lever. It is conceivable that with 
> as many times this has come apart and been back together that the 
> interlock is not quite right. However, I would think you would see "3" 
> instead of "D" on the indicater display were that the case.
> This problem sounds more like a problem with a switch on the 
> transmission, I have heard it called "multifunction" but that word is 
> used for lots of switches on Audis it seems. The switch is on the left 
> side of the transmission and is somewhat expensive. Ours was done by 
> the previous owner at ~90k miles (we are at ~182k now). You may also 
> be able to gleen some insight by pulling transmission computer codes.
> Mike Veglia
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