4kq acceleration issue

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Sat Feb 17 19:17:20 EST 2007

I don't know if this is relevant, but I notice the radiator fan comes
on right away now even when the car is cold.  Is this a separate issue
from the (probable) fuel mixture issue I'm trying to solve?


On 2/14/07, Huw Powell <audi at humanspeakers.com> wrote:
> Tony answered just about everything else...
> > So rubber is better, thats good to hear.  I was partly putting this
> > off because the Audi gaskets are expensive.  What about the oil pan
> > gasket, same deal?
> I haven't seen a rubber oil pan gasket, also haven't really seen one
> leaking (maybe because they are harder to get to to overtorque out of
> boredom?)
> > Anyone have a recommended source/brand for these
> > two gaskets?
> Any auto parts store ought to have them.  Or, at least, a foreign auto
> parts store.  Oil pan gasket about $12 or so as I recall.
> > While on the topic of motor swaps, one really important question I
> > have is what is the reason for the higher hp cars like the 90 CQ and
> > 200tq getting better MPG then the 4kq?  Is it that the motors are much
> > more efficient, aerodynamics's of the vehicle?
> Aerodynamics more than anything.
> By the way, if you go MC-1/2 for your upgrade, "most" of the parts you
> might acquire for your JT will fit (wires, cap, rotor, engine mounts, etc.)
> In some ways, the 10v turbos are just "bolt in" swaps.  The two areas
> that aren't are wiring/engine management and plumbing - intake and
> exhaust tracts.  I guess that would be true of the 20vt as well - the
> main thing is they all use the same block casting, so all the big bolts
> go in the same place.
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