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Mon Feb 19 20:16:05 EST 2007

Sorry, I attached the wrong sig in my previous post
I dont know if I have missed any posts on this, so I figured I would  throw  
it out there.  Has anyone tried or heard about this?   Its  a methanol 
for forced-induction cars.  Claims crazy  hp, by  lowering intake air charge 
temp.  And its less than $200,  for claims of  around 30% +hp on pump gas.

Anyone?  Is it a scam?


1998  A4 2.7tq stage 2+, many other tricks
1987 5KCSTQ "White Fang" under the  knife
1992 Jeep Wrangler 4.0, 5 inches of lift, 33" tires, revolver shackles,  
exhaust header, 1000 watts of light :)

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