tranny went bad on type44. Shall I be surpised?

Roy Wendell erwendell at
Mon Feb 19 21:38:57 EST 2007

On Monday, February 19, 2007, at 09:33 PM, Roy Wendell wrote:

>> Roy,  drive flanges move a lot - 1/4 inch at least.  But there was no
>> whining whatsoever.   The reason I went there is that I significant
>> oil leak in the area of right drive flange(I had to add about 300-400
>> ml, I don't consider it was dangerously low level, righ?).  I  changed
>> the seal anyway.   What puzzles me that moved the car out of garage to
>> parking lot,  moved in on the lift next day to change brake hose and
>> the flange was all in oil.   Probably it wobbles so much that even new
>> seal can not hold the oil inside.  But why the left side does not leak
>> then, I wonder?   Moving flanges with hand feels same on both sides.
>> Unfortunately, I don't have garage, it is damn cold and I have limited
>> time in on lift in a garage where my friend works as mechanic.   I
>> need to find shortest time-wise remedy.  I sounds like I have to find
>> used tranny.
>> Thank you,
>> Konstantine.
> Hmm, 1/4" does sound like a lot. That would mean that the differential
> side gears have been wearing down the diff carrier casting or vise
> versa. Odd, very very odd. It involves a lot of work but at the very
> least you might want to check and make sure that the bolt that holds
> the drive flange to the gear is tight. It's an allen head bolt in the
> very center of the flange that is revealed once you take the inner cv
> joint off.
> Tell you what, I'll slide under mine at some point tomorrow and see how
> much play mine has just as a comparison.

Whoops, just realized something. If you replaced the seal then you've 
had the drive flange off already so you know all about that bolt. Never 


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