Plug on the rear of 10V head leaks. Is r&r possible in place?

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at
Tue Feb 20 09:13:50 EST 2007

Yes, the plug I replaced was a cone-shaped threaded plug with an 
internal hex. It was tight but still leaking. It is in the oil galley, 
under very high oil pressure, hence the leak.

If yours is a water plug, then I don't have any btdt, but I remember 
that we used to remove leaking block heater on engine blocks, and then, 
we reinstalled frost plugs with gasket sealer and a socket/mallet. 
Gentle tapping on an appropriate size socket with the mallet so the 
plug is driven straight into the hole. Don't push too far, it is very 
easy to go too far...

Good luck,


Le 07-02-19, à 16:09, kbogach a écrit :

> I don't think it has thread.  I think it is just "knock in" kind of 
> plug.   Are you saying that your removed the threaded plug and put it 
> back with expoxy?
> Louis-Alain Richard wrote:
>> On my urQuattro (10V WX engine), after an expensive head rebuilt, the 
>> oil plug at the back of the head was leaking at the first start of 
>> the engine.
>> I managed to seal it without removing the head by using JB-Weld 
>> epoxy, after cleaning the threads very carefully. Cleaning is the 
>> most important part here.
>> Louis-Alain
>> Le 07-02-19, à 10:45, kbogach a écrit :
>>> the plug is just above the heater hose.  Is it possible to remove the
>>> plug and put a new one with the head in place?

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