tranny went bad on type44. Shall I be surpised?

kbogach kbogach at
Tue Feb 20 10:13:49 EST 2007

Huw,  if the axis is front-rear of the car then it is axial.  I did not 
try to move the flange in and out, just side to side.   Thanks.


Huw Powell wrote:
>> Roy, I changed the seal, so I took the flange out.  The bolt was
>> tight, and nothing changed when I put everything back.  With the
>> flange off I pushed differential through the opening and it moved
>> definitely too much.  ... He knows much more than I do, of course,
>> but he  admitted that he does not know much about transmission
>> internals.
> Not that this will really help you, but keep in mind that is not a
> "transmission" issue, it's a final drive/differential issue.
> But again, as I said before probably, unless someone can be sure of 
> fixing it "in place" for $2-300 or so, you're better off just getting 
> a used tranny and putting it in.  I would even trust an "unknown" 
> unit, although there would certainly be more peace of mind in knowing 
> the one you're buying (or getting from a friend) worked when taken off 
> the road.
> So, a quick question to clarify for my mind's eye - the play you 
> observe  in the drive flanges, is it lateral (radial) or axial?  In 
> other words, do they move "in and out" or side to side/top to bottom?
> I ask for clarity because the driveshafts themselves can slide 
> axially, they have to be able to, to do their job.

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