4kq acceleration issue

Rory [Armodis.List] armodis.list at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 18:59:27 EST 2007

So this problem turned out to be suuuuuper easy to fix.  I was just
about ready to start replacing vacuum lines when I decided to check
all the plugs just in case... They were all in *really* bad shape.
None of them were gapped correctly and one had detonated.  I'm
guessing this is what caused my "acceleration" issue.  I replaced them
all with Bosch Super Plus copper core plugs, replaced the cap and
rotor, and plan to order a set of Magnecore wires.  (If anyone has had
great experience with another set of reasonably priced plugs and
wires, or if anyone has a specific source for Magnecore wires please
let me know.)  I feel a little stupid having taken the previous owners
word regarding the plugs and wires.  In the future I will definitely
have a wrench to check plugs when I'm looking at a used car.

Getting to the snow is my priority till the end of March, but come
April I will definitely be replacing the valve cover and oil pan
gaskets, the air filter, and all of the vacuum lines.  I was leaning
away from working on this motor much since I was planning a swap, but
now that I'm learning about the more creative options where I can use
this block I'm open to any maintenance suggestions.  Additionally, if
anyone has after market resources to check out please send them my

Thanks again for all of the help!


PS.  This weekend will be my first opportunity to try out my Green
Diamond Icelanders in the snow !!

On 2/14/07, Huw Powell <audi at humanspeakers.com> wrote:
> Tony answered just about everything else...
> > So rubber is better, thats good to hear.  I was partly putting this
> > off because the Audi gaskets are expensive.  What about the oil pan
> > gasket, same deal?
> I haven't seen a rubber oil pan gasket, also haven't really seen one
> leaking (maybe because they are harder to get to to overtorque out of
> boredom?)
> > Anyone have a recommended source/brand for these
> > two gaskets?
> Any auto parts store ought to have them.  Or, at least, a foreign auto
> parts store.  Oil pan gasket about $12 or so as I recall.
> > While on the topic of motor swaps, one really important question I
> > have is what is the reason for the higher hp cars like the 90 CQ and
> > 200tq getting better MPG then the 4kq?  Is it that the motors are much
> > more efficient, aerodynamics's of the vehicle?
> Aerodynamics more than anything.
> By the way, if you go MC-1/2 for your upgrade, "most" of the parts you
> might acquire for your JT will fit (wires, cap, rotor, engine mounts, etc.)
> In some ways, the 10v turbos are just "bolt in" swaps.  The two areas
> that aren't are wiring/engine management and plumbing - intake and
> exhaust tracts.  I guess that would be true of the 20vt as well - the
> main thing is they all use the same block casting, so all the big bolts
> go in the same place.
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