4kq acceleration issue

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Feb 21 13:52:32 EST 2007

>> I'd stick with your idea of a turbo motor swap and work towards that if
>> you want any really noticeable power increase.

> If I come across
> something cheap and have the time to fool around with something silly
> (just for the fun of seeing how long it lasts before I blow it up)

One thing to keep an eye out for is cheap late 80's 5kt/200t cars. 
Often the drivetrain parts are just fine, but all the electrical 
accessories have bad switches and the power assist system is costing to 
owner too much to keep going at mechanic labor rates.  You get the whole 
car, so you've got all the parts and wiring, and sell what you don't 
need (Don;t know how much demand there still is there, but I but there 
is some still).

Other than using a 10vt MC-1 or MC-2 pretty much as is (or with EFI...), 
the other thing people do is use the n/a 20v head with the n/a 10v 2.3 
block.  This works because even though they are both 10:1ish engines, 
the 20v head has more combustion chamber in the head vs the 10v, so that 
combo gets you the 8:1 or so you want for a turbo engine. The 20vt is a 
very rare engine, so no one tries to find one.

And as I previously might have mentioned, go to http://motorgeek.com/ 
which is where the people who are still actively playing these games 
tend to hang out.  *Lots* of experience with what you are contemplating 

Huw Powell



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