Antenna expertise - anyone?

Mark R speedracer.mark at
Wed Feb 21 17:05:20 EST 2007

Huw's suggestion is the most pragmatic, as single base station setups are
extremely common these days.  I personally have this in my home- one phone
line hook up and 4 cordless phones.  I have one base station and 3 remote
charging stations.

The alternative is a power-line kit.  One end plugs into a house power
socket and exisiting phone jack, the other end plugs into another power
socket.  The lines can be on separate breakers or fuses, but inside of the
meter.  Dirty power (voltage spikes) can cause problems with these systems,
especially with modem use.

Mark Rosenkrantz

On 2/21/07, Robert Myers <bob at> wrote:
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> I need to set up an extension phone line and can't use a cable.  Can
> some kind lister provide suggestions or recommendations - possibly a
> pair of directional antennas?
> Bob

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