1990 200 turbo 10v avant

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You'll like it and so will she - expect to pay between $1k for a rough car
that needs lots of fixin' to upwards of $5k for one that is in excellent


It has most of the goodies of the '91 20vt except the power and flared fenders
and wider tires. I have a nice chip for it to make it bloody fast.  It will
actually get better fuel economy too.






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Hi - I'm looking to purchase a wagon for my wife.



I've found a 1990 200 turbo 10v about 4hrs from me.  Body looks good from the
pics, its got a display issue (which I understand is common).



My question is - this seems to be a 5000 turbo motor w/a 200 avant body

- aside for the added 50hp and the rarity - are there advantages/disadvantage
between the 1991 20v and the 1990 10v?


What's one of these rigs worth (say middle of the road price)?



Thanks in advance !


Vittorio -]

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