LT1 V8 in Audi LT-1Q Kennedy adapter Chevy V8

Mon Feb 26 17:01:49 EST 2007

But, does it share a Chevy bolt pattern that  will mate to a Kennedy adapter?

Tom Faust wrote:
>Because of sump  problems with the LT-1, I think I would give a little more 
>thought to  the Chevy 1-5. 3.5 liters, 245 hp stock, all aluminum, 4 valve, 
>DOHC. I  believe a turbo is expected soon. I Googled it quite a while ago 
>and  there is a lot of swap activity. Lost my bookmarks, but look around. 
>I-5  Vortec 3500. I think there is a lot of info at "Inliners  
>I have been thinking about one of these for my  coupe, but the 4 cylinder 
>version might be easier in terms of engine  compartment room.

Actually,. the Ecotec 4 cylinder would be a better  choice.
2.0 to 2.4 liters and even a supercharged option. 
Best bet for a  head is to either purchase a ported head direct from Chevy or 
go with the Saab  head (the latest Saab turbo 4 is an Ecotec engine).

There is a LOT of  factory support for these engines and the stock internals 
can handle around  300hp if I remember correctly.

Plus they aren't very heavy, only around  310lbs if I remember correctly.

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