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Mon Feb 26 22:16:20 EST 2007

After rallying my 4kq last weekend and driving a WRX daily im always amazed
at how different the awd platforms really are. The quattro 1 system in my
4kq is much more direct and mechanical, you can feel it through the controls
and in the seat. The subaru is so smooth you cant tell its doing its thing
unless you catch it off guard...then you feel the viscous diff's doing there
guessing game as to who is going to get the power. If I could have the
quattro 1 system with my boxer motor I'd be verrrry there's a


On 2/26/07, Tony Hoffman <auditony at> wrote:
> So all this talk about the different AWD systems has me thinking. I like
> the
> gen 1 quattro with the diff locks, love the torsen based systems, and
> really
> like the traction on the first get A4's. That's as new as I"ve driven on
> snow. I've also driven the TT in snow, and don't really like it. Like
> several said, it's not very predictable, or at least not compared to the
> 4000Q and V8Q I currently drive. Any other TT drivers? I would like to try
> one with the haldex controler installed, however.
> Which seads me to the next question, does anyone know what system is used
> on
> a CR-V? I've driven one in the snow, and I hated it. My Mom also disliked
> it. She said her Mustang (on snows) is more stable in the snow. I'd agree,
> BTW. In fact, I'd liken it to that early Subaru system that's been talked
> about. It seemed to do nothing, then kick in and everything at once.
> Tony Hoffman
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