Mechanic's syringes

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Thanks for the recommendations. Where I live, animal supply stuff abound. As
for the turkey baster, WAY too course a tip. Trying to squeeze in between
the bushing and sway bar. If the needle is fine enough, as Eric H (I
believe, can't toggle browser) said, could even possibly be used for the
rear links (although I have found when they go, the rubber boot around the
joints is probably failing, so they're gone anyway). I'll have to look for
the needle tip for the grease gun, although a syringe would make it possible
to squirt the sway bar bushings with the car on the ground and the wheels
turned full lock, left or right....

Thanks all!


On 1/5/07, Adam A. Luy <Adam at> wrote:
> Two words...
> Turkey baster. Like the one I used to inject 'flavour' into the poor
> bird's carcas that was subjected to boiling peanut oil a few Thxgivings ago.
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> Anyone have a source for blunt tipped syringes that one could use to
> squirt, say grease into, say the space between a sway bar bushing and the
> bar itself?
> The price for the Griot's kit is a bit outrageous ($25) considering that I
> only need one syringe, and I already have the "fluid" (marine grease) I wish
> to inject.
> LL - NY
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