Mechanic's syringes

Dave Kase davekase at
Fri Jan 5 16:03:46 EST 2007

Right but it is not a baster, more of an flavor injector...

And those turkeys are damn good...


Adam A. Luy wrote:

>Two words...
>Turkey baster. Like the one I used to inject 'flavour' into the poor bird's carcas that was subjected to boiling peanut oil a few Thxgivings ago.
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>Anyone have a source for blunt tipped syringes that one could use to squirt, say grease into, say the space between a sway bar bushing and the bar itself?
>The price for the Griot's kit is a bit outrageous ($25) considering that I only need one syringe, and I already have the "fluid" (marine grease) I wish to inject.
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