Mechanic's syringes

Alex Cagann alex at
Fri Jan 5 17:30:09 EST 2007

Ron that you?  Hehehe
You're not going to pay $100, like you may think. You're not going to pay
$90, or $80, or even $70. You're not going to pay $60, $50, or even $40. The
flavor injector is available for 3 EAAAASSSSYYY payments of $9.99, plus S&H.
If you promise to tell a friend about us, we will thrown in another flavor
injector, free of charge, pay only shipping and handling. 



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> Right but it is not a baster, more of an flavor injector...
> And those turkeys are damn good...
> Adam A. Luy wrote:
> >Two words...
> >
> >Turkey baster. Like the one I used to inject 'flavour' into the poor
> bird's carcas that was subjected to boiling peanut oil a few Thxgivings
> ago.

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