Doing 20V valve seals tonight..

John Cody Forbes cody at
Fri Jan 5 19:03:27 EST 2007

Eric Huppert wrote:
> Gents,

> Oh, I also don't have the nifty tool and sleeve shown in the Bentley
> to install the seals... Oiling them up and using a 11mm socket which
> fits the lower sleeve and pushing down onto the guide.
> Any words of wisdom? (Other than get the right tools!)

Actually the socket trick works really well, I HAVE the right tool and still 
use a socket most of the time. Be very very gentile when installing the 
seals (especially if you got the teflon ones), you can damage them with very 
little effort. Use a smaaaaalll hammer to tap the socket down lightly. When 
it feels like it's home STOP, do not do a "seating" hit, they will break.

-Cody Forbes
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