Mechanic's syringes

E. Roy Wendell IV erwendell at
Sat Jan 6 00:21:32 EST 2007

On Jan 4, 2007, at 9:28 PM, LL - NY wrote:

> Anyone have a source for blunt tipped syringes that one could use  
> to squirt,
> say grease into, say the space between a sway bar bushing and the bar
> itself?
> The price for the Griot's kit is a bit outrageous ($25) considering  
> that I
> only need one syringe, and I already have the "fluid" (marine  
> grease) I wish
> to inject.
> LL - NY

Should you really be squirting petroleum based grease into a rubber  
bushing or are we talking polyurethane here? Like dissolves like you  
know and putting normal grease on a rubber bushing is a no-no.

Silicone grease is your friend.

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