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Alex Cagann alex at
Mon Jan 8 14:40:00 EST 2007

I have a 2002 GTI VR6 6 speed in inventory that is an absolute BLAST to
drive (200hp). I haven't driven an R32, but I can definitely say that my VR6
with it's short 6 speed gear ratio's is no slouch!  It will definitely be up
there with a TT 180 horse, and could get close to the bigger hp TT if it
weren't for that crappy front wheel drive. 


> Sorry, but I still think they're slow. :-)
> As for the Buick, yes, the big GM cars are pretty safe. They're really
> nothing to write home about, but they're safe- the Lucerne and the
> Lacrosse should continue that safety record. Chevy Impalas aren't
> bad, either (the FWD ones).
> At least with the Miata, on a twisty road, there aren't too many laughs
> and
> stares- they're too far behind me. The only one who was able to go right
> past me on the fun way to/from work was a modded R32. That was with
> worn-out 130k original '89 date-coded shocks. We'll see about that now
> that I have new shocks- the RT-615s are waiting to come out and play, it's
> not warm enough for that. :-)
> Taka

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