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Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Mon Jan 8 14:43:11 EST 2007

Let me clarify- I didn't say _all_ A4 VWs are slow, just 2.0s are slow,
hence the 2.slow designation.

That said, with stock GTI, there's very little chance you're keeping in
front of
a well driven Miata on the "scenic" way to work, given drivers of similar
skill and similar chassis setup. I don't think the R32 could have either if
I could drive better and had properly working shocks.

Yes, it's _that_ good, you have to drive one to really know (I seriously
wonder if
the STi can keep up with the Miata in the twisties).


On 1/8/07, Alex Cagann <alex at> wrote:
> I have a 2002 GTI VR6 6 speed in inventory that is an absolute BLAST to
> drive (200hp). I haven't driven an R32, but I can definitely say that my
> VR6
> with it's short 6 speed gear ratio's is no slouch!  It will definitely be
> up
> there with a TT 180 horse, and could get close to the bigger hp TT if it
> weren't for that crappy front wheel drive.

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