Sensor Pins for camshaft triggered ignition

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Mon Jan 8 16:30:19 EST 2007

Well - I could do it that way, but I know there a pins made for this or
similar application.  Basically it is a cam triggered ignition setup, but
being used to trigger for injectors.  I am modifying a cam sprocket by
inserting pins.  The pins will be screwed into the face of the sprocket which
is made of aluminum.  The ideal scenario is the holes will be threaded and the
pins will thread through and be double secured by locknuts - triple secured by
locktite red.

If I can't find the fight pins, cutting off some nice steel bolts of the right
diameter should work fine.  Maybe I will do it this way, as it is not a blad
idea and shipping for anything like this will probably cost way more than they
are worth.  Good idea!


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> I'm trying to locate a source for pins that can be use for magnetic pickup
> triggered ignition (or other).
> These would be steel pins that can be threaded or bolted onto a cam sprocket
> or crank pulley. 
> Anyone here know?

Just winging it here, but what you describe sounds like a (small) bolt 
with the head cut off.  Drill and tap a matching hole, and use loctite 
to insure it (them?) staying in place.

Or, if a press fit is what you want, a small piece of steel rod cut to 
an approriate length.

Huw Powell

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