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Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Mon Jan 8 19:51:39 EST 2007

No Steve, not the 2.0T!

The 2.0L, 8v engine as used in A3 and A4 Golfs, Jettas and Beetles- 115hp.
No way
would I suggest a GTI 2.0T for a teenager- I had a Jetta GLI and I'm
surprised I never
really broke anything major (except for understeering in the wet and sliding
into a big
rock which bent the front control arm and trashed the strut).

After the defensive driving courses, I think you're much better off in terms
of bang for
your buck by taking autox and karting schools- you learn a lot more about
car control
that way.

BTW, you can't easily improve the output of the 2.0T- turbo housing
integrated into the
exhaust manifold means you have to change a lot. If you're just talking
about a chip,
then that's different. Also with FSI, I wonder how easy it would be to get
larger injectors.


On 1/8/07, Steve Marinello <smarinello at> wrote:
> My 15 year old is totally different.  He absolutely wants a stick and
> already has been driving a bit around the undeveloped part of the
> neighborhood.  He was afraid I would go DSG with the GTI because of
> Houston
> traffic, which I almost did so that my parents would have something to
> drive
> when they visited, but... couldn't do it.
> We will probably travel somewhere for the Audi course and then maybe do a
> Bondurant or equivalent driving course once he gets his license.
> And, Taka, in my opinion the 2.0t has more power than I'd actually feel
> comfortable giving him in the GTI.  Maybe in the Passat, but it's only
> 400#
> heavier.  Amazing what that does for it, though...  I am suddenly not
> leaning towards 'improving' the output of the GTI, but I might consider it
> in a larger car, which I would have done with the A4.
> Steve

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