[A4] suspension theory thoughts, questions, etc - grooved shocks

Grant Lenahan glenahan at vfemail.net
Mon Jan 8 20:33:52 EST 2007

OK, I even looked at the pics and diagram. pretty much like every other  
McPerson strut design on the planet.

1.) I see nothing to pre-load anything
2.) The coils are too widely spaced to bind.
3.) I admit I need to go back and read the original post again, but it  
seems that you simply need to adjust them all the be even, assuming  
that the kit was in fact designed with the right spring-rates to  
support the car in question at the correct relative ride heights. If it  
is NOT specified properly - no amount of twiddling will give you good  
handling - even if it can be made level.  you MUST get the right  
springs.  Stiffer front will cause understeer; stiffer (relative) rear  
will cause oversteer; and too soft anywhere can cause bottoming.


On Jan 8, 2007, at 7:20 PM, thejimrose wrote:

> heres a diagram..
> http://www.audiworld.com/tech/wheel43.shtml
> #41 is the shock, you can see the lower perch in the diagram.
>> Forgive me if I am completely misunderstanding how these "set up," but
>> even on exotic suspension bits, doesn't the same basic thing apply as  
>> on
>> stock stuff?  IE, the spring holds up the weight of the car, and the
>> shock damps bounces?
> that's my understanding as well, but the  spring can only push up on  
> hte car
> as far as the top of the shock rod, since the upper perch is bolted to  
> it.
> the assembly:
> http://new.photos.yahoo.com/thejimrose/album/576460762336984259/photo/ 
> 294928803526470236/16
> If that is the case, when you "raise" the springs (by moving the lower
>> seat), surely the car must ride higher, and the spring stays the same
>> length - at least when the car's weight is on it?
> that's just it.. the bottom perch moves but the upper is fixed [at the  
> top
> of the shock rod]. so all you really do is shorten the space the spring
> lives in.
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