Sensor Pins for camshaft triggered ignition

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Tue Jan 9 02:11:11 EST 2007

Doesn't Javad at 034efi motorsports sell one?  Cam triggered gizmo?

Its late and I'm trying to grasp the item needed here.
-Scott by BOSTON

> From: "Ben Swann" <>
> Subject: RE: Sensor Pins for camshaft triggered ignition
> Well - I could do it that way, but I know there a pins made for this or
> similar application.  Basically it is a cam triggered ignition setup, but
> being used to trigger for injectors.  I am modifying a cam sprocket by
> inserting pins.  The pins will be screwed into the face of the sprocket which
> is made of aluminum.  The ideal scenario is the holes will be threaded and 
> the
> pins will thread through and be double secured by locknuts - triple secured 
> by
> locktite red.
> If I can't find the fight pins, cutting off some nice steel bolts of the 
> right
> diameter should work fine.  Maybe I will do it this way, as it is not a blad
> idea and shipping for anything like this will probably cost way more than 
> they
> are worth.  Good idea!

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