Sensor Pins for camshaft triggered ignition

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Tue Jan 9 15:29:37 EST 2007

So Cody, would you buy from them again?

--- John Cody Forbes <cody at> wrote:

> thejimrose wrote:
> > right on. 034 doesn't sell anything for this?
> HAHAHA, yeah they would send 5 different sized pins
> that are really just 
> bolts with no heads and the threads would be all
> eff'ed up where they cut 
> the heads off and didn't bother to fix the threads
> before they shipped the 
> stuff. BTDT with them.
> My boss just recently bought a turbo with hose kit
> from them. We ended up 
> throwing out half thier bullshit stuff and spending
> hours fixing thier 
> mistakes. Then he bought an ignition coil kit, they
> supplied the WRONG 
> brackets, then we find that they don't even offer
> the correct brackets so 
> they sent the wrongs ones anyways and yet again I
> had to spend the better 
> part of a day fixing thier BS half-assed parts.
> Javad promised us that the factory airbox would fit
> fine... WRONG. The turbo 
> coolant return hose that 034 supplied ran directly
> into the airbox, so I 
> made a new hose with better fittings. Then the
> silicon MAF>Turbo hose from 
> 034 completely and totally prevents use of the
> factory air intake, which we 
> very specifically said we wanted to keep. The whole
> thing was total crap.
> In the following picture you can see where the SI
> hose puts the recirc valve 
> where the intake used to be, and you can see the
> turbo that is clocked off 
> of vertical because the coolant supply line runs
> into the header. We are in 
> the process of making an aluminium MAF>Turbo pipe
> that will allow use of the 
> factory air intake.
> In this one you can see how the different shape of
> the exhaust housing has 
> moved the downpipe over and is causing waaaay too
> much stress to be exerted 
> on the flex pipe. It will fail eventually, we are
> going to replace it with 
> one that is angled properly soon.
> The turbo's oil drain line kinks the SI turbo>cross
> pipe hose due to bad 
> routing, unavoidable with the hose they supplied.
> Then on the inlet of the turbocharger the machine
> work done to "convert" the 
> quad-oval Garret style inlet to the circular KKK
> header flange was as half 
> assed as it gets. This is illustrated with my
> equally half assed MS Pant 
> drawing. Basically they just used an end-mill bit to
> carve out a 1/8th" deep 
> circle, but then after that 1/8" of depth there was
> a flat wall. I spent a 
> good hour machining that flat wall into a nice
> smooth transition. Very close 
> to $2,000 and I have to take that kind of time to
> finish off thier dirty 
> work? Then I discover that once the turbo is in
> place the EFFING NUTS WONT 
> CLEAR THE HOUSING! Once again I have to machine the
> housing, this time the 
> outside, because 2 of the mounting nuts simply do
> not clear the outside of 
> the exhaust hausing. I do not mean that they rubbed
> a bit, I mean they would 
> not come anywhere near the stud because the stud
> itself was nearly touching 
> the housing. I wish I had taken pictures of this,
> but I'm paid on commission 
> so if I'm running behind I can't stop for that.
> Here you can see the stupidly made plug wires and
> the new bracketry I had to 
> coe up with to mount the coils. The 034 bracket
> consists of two bits of 
> threaded rod with aluminium tube spacers between the
> coils plus the end 
> caps. First thing was that they didn't thread a nut
> on the rod before 
> cutting, so the threads were all munged up when I
> opened the package. Then I 
> find that the ali bits were cut about 4mm too short
> so the coils were 
> hitting each other. I temporarily spaced them with
> washers, I'm going to cut 
> new ali bits at a later date. Then once it's all
> assembled I find that when 
> attempting to mount the coil brackets to the strut
> brace like 034 intended 
> the coils hit either the fuel lines and firewall or
> the hood depending on 
> orientation. I made the new braketry off of the
> strut brace to move the 
> coils forward and down. Then all 5 plug wires are
> the exact same length. Ok 
> DUH.. the distance between cyl# 1 and cyl# 5 can be
> deleted out of the #5 
> wire. I cut them to length today, I forgot my camera
> so I'll get pics 
> tomorrw. While shortening the plug wires I found
> that they used el-cheapo 
> copper strand core wire - basically 14awg electrical
> wire with a thick 
> jacket. When spending $755 plus tax wouldn't you
> expect better?
> And did anybody read thier story about Bonneville?
> They blew a tire on the 
> dyno near the flats and had to mail order a
> replacement. What moron goes 
> racing and doesn't bring at least one spare tire?
> Then after they blew that 
> tire they didn't spend the day finding a place that
> could mount it, they 
> waited until the tire arrived at 3pm the next day -
> losing an entire day of 
> practice. Then the trials got rained out, so as it
> turned out they didn't 
> break 15mph on the flats in thier 1000hp car. At
> least had they made 
> practice they could have gotten some photos for PR
> and some 0-180mph video 
> clips.
> Rant over, sorry for hijacking the thread but I just
> had to get that off my 
> chest.
> -Cody Forbes
> '86 5k noT noQ
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