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Tue Jan 9 16:41:29 EST 2007

Yes, that is exactly what happens, but it's in a rather speciallized
condition. The shocks are over damped for high frequency oscillations
such as ridged pavement where the ridges are perpendicular to the roadway.
In all other situations, they are really an ideal match.

A slightly stiffer spring may be able to get rid of the high frequency
issue without too severely affecting the overall ride, WHILE getting a bit
body control. Too bad custom spring rates aren't as cheap as custom shock
valving, at least for Bilsteins.


On 1/9/07, Taka Mizutani <t44tqtro at> wrote:
> In terms of punishing ride on broken pavement, it also could be a case of
> way overdamped shock valving- my STi is overdamped for the spring rate
> (hence the ride improvement when switching to stiffer JDM spec pinks).
> Suspension tuning is quite a complex art- that's why so few cars get it
> right.
> BTW, a lot of sport package BMWs that I've driven really nail the
> ride/handling
> combination. I loved the way the E39 M5 handles bumps while still being
> pretty
> sporty.
> Some of the adaptive air suspensions (MBZ Airmatic for one) work really
> well in
> this regard- I've driven the current chassis E500 and it really does well
> in giving
> a smooth ride while still avoiding the "Buick-type" floaty yacht-like
> feeling. And when
> you want to firm it up to BMW sport settings, you can do that as well.
> Audi's air suspensions that I've driven do not accomplish this very well-
> I don't know
> about the Q7, but the A8 and A6 do not have that much adjustment range.
> They still
> roll, squat and dive way too much even in "dynamic" mode.
> Taka

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