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I may have what you want on my avant.  From what I've heard, the Abt Eibachs
were slightly stiffer than the standard ones, but I've never seen numbers on



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FWIW, I have the UrS with the Bilstein/Eibach combo that Taka has driven
reasonably extensively. In most circumstances, the ride is exceptional, with
much greater suspension
control than stock.  In quick, "stutter step" bumps (rough or broken
pavement, no potholes), stock is notably better, that kind of pavement
(which surprisingly wouldn't damage wheels)
you're kind of forced to slow down in order to keep your sanity (and
fillings). In the times Taka
has been in my car, he hadn't encountered that kind of pavement. As I recall
(it's been years)
with the stock springs, you'd just hear the wheels hitting the bumps. 

Just figured a complete picture should be given on this assesment. FWIW, I
wouldn't trade
the combo back for the world, in fact, I sort of wish the springs were
slightly stiffer, but not to
H&R levels (BTDT on the 200Q 10V). 


On 1/8/07, Taka Mizutani <t44tqtro at> wrote:

It sounds like your GTI needs a better suspension. I've found that even with
high rate springs, if you have good shocks with good damping curves and
matched valving, the ride can be really nice. 

I had H&R coilover suspension on the old A4 and it rode better with the
coilovers than
with the OEM suspension and I haven't driven an A4 1.8T with any OEM setup
rode better than the H&R coilovers. That's at least a 350-375lb. spring, way

more than
stock. Properly valved shocks made all the difference.

Same goes with the UrS cars running Bilstein Sport/ Eibach combo- best ride
combo I've ever driven/ridden in for off-the-shelf. Bilstein/H&R is much, 
much harsher.
Heck, OEM isn't necessarily smoother than the Bilstein/Eibach setup.

Also, I don't know if you're running the brick-like Hufheisen or whatever
the heck
those meat slicer looking wheels are, but you need to drop unsprung weight. 

Get the smallest, widest, lightest wheels that clear your brakes, put on
some good
sticky tires and let the suspension work with less unsprung weight.

Now you really got me wanting to drive an '07 GTI. 


On 1/8/07, Steve Marinello <smarinello at> wrote:
> 5. The new for '07 European sport suspension (as opposed to the '06 
> American
> sport suspension) is pretty darn good on asphalt and SUCKS BIG TIME on
> Houston rippled concrete highways.
> With 45 miles each way to work some days, I may end up turning in this 
> lease
> and doing something else just because of the change in suspension.  I had
> driven the '06 all over on different surfaces and it was fine, but this is
> a
> bit too much.  It is nice, though, and it is SO much better than the 
> Mazda3,
> Mazdaspeed 3 and even the Civic Si.  The close ratio six is fun, but I
> think
> a tall sixth would be nice.  That's the way it was in '06 on the GLI's.
> Also, should have gotten a four door, or the GLI.  Even though I intended 
> it
> for just me commuting, the family likes jumping in for just about
> anything.
> Far more rear leg room than an A4 and my daughter just can't believe how
> little it is on the outside and how big on the inside. 
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