Sensor Pins for camshaft triggered ignition

John Cody Forbes cody at
Tue Jan 9 23:19:17 EST 2007

Javad Shadzi wrote:
> I take customer satisfaction seriously, and post like this I loose
> sleep over, I'm really hoping we can resolve the issues Cody had with
> the parts he received.

No need to lose sleep. My original message was not intended to be malacious, 
just informative.

My co-workers and I all agree that the basis of your products is solid good 
stuff, but what failed was fit and finish. The turbo works great, and 
coupled with Bob Myers' software and ECU work the car is great fun. The 
owner has a Hoppen chipped '00 A6qt also and reports that the urS4 is just 
about as quick and pulls from lower down in the range, though it does start 
to lose steam up top (which is exactly what not only I, but you yourself 
warned him of, so no foul there he should have ordered the next step up in 
turbo's). He also owns an '06 S4 (stock) and says that both the urS4 and the 
A6 are now faster.

I'll use the coil bracket as an example. The very first thing I noticed when 
I removed it from the (nice) packaging is the threaded rods that were cut 
without any attempt to clean the threads afterwards. I'm sure you as well as 
most on this list know that when you cut a bolt or anything threaded that 
you should thread a nut on first, then cut, then remove the nut. The nuts 
fixes the threads on its way off. The nuts supplied wouldn't thread on 
without first repairing the threads with a die set. Thats not really a big 
deal, but when spending $80 on a bracket I would really just hope for those 
sorts of things to be taken care of, know what I mean? Then I fit the coils 
along with the supplied bits of ali tubing to space the coils apart and find 
that the coil bodies are making a rather firm contact with each other. 
Spacing the coils with 3 washers, about 3mm or maybe 4mm, solved the 
problem, but then there still wasnt enough room to be able to remove the 
electrical harness plug from any coil without removing them from the 
bracket. A total of about 6mm of spacing between them, on top of the ali 
tubing bits, would solve that issue too. Obviously the best option is to cut 
new tubing spacers 6mm longer, I haven't had a chance to do that yet. Then I 
attempt to the the coils to the car and finally realise that the bracket is 
incorrect for the car, so I decided to check your website for clues.

What I find is that the bracket supplied is for some other application, and 
in fact the coils pictured (on the bracket page) are of a very different 
arrangement then the coils supplied. Ok, at first I thought that the owner 
had simply ordered the wrong stuff from the website, but when I asked about 
it he said he ordered it over the phone. This is the largest issue of all. 
I'm not sure who, but one of your employees knowingly sold a bracket that 
wasn't designed to go with the coil kit he sold in the very same 
conversation, then another employee packed it all up in the same box and no 
red flag came up in his head about "hey, these two things dont match, maybe 
I should make sure this is what it should be". According to your website you 
actually don't currently offer a bracket that matches the high output coils. 
No problem, but somewhere down the line some employee should have realised 

At that point I had already repaired the threads and already removed the 
stock ignition system and the POS's so I just decided to forge ahead rather 
then disable the car for a few days while things were being shipped back and 
fourth. I belive that the final product made good use of your existing 
bracket, made a clean install, and displays the pretty coils nicely. I cut 
the plug wires down to custom fit length yesterday and finished them off 
this morning. I forgot my camera today, but I'll get pictures tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, the website suggests getting a 3B valve cover for a cleaner 
look, but if you route the plug wires just right the AAN coil cover fits 
fine. You must snip the very back section of the gasket, and of course 
remove the stock coils, but then the cover goes right on. I was going to 
tell you this in the off-list message, but thought that maybe some people 
that have already done this swap may want to have that info.

-Cody Forbes
'86 5k noT noQ
'86 5k noT noQ - Parting Out
'87 5ktq
'87 5ktq - Fast. Really Fast. 

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