was: removing duct tape from paint now: simple green

Tom Winter tom at freeskier.com
Wed Jan 10 13:43:22 EST 2007

> From: "LL - NY" <larrycleung at gmail.com>
> Now it's got me wondering about what's IN Simple Green.
> Thanks for the heads up, Brett!
> LL - NY
 On 1/10/07, Taka Mizutani Wrote

>> Yeah, Simple Green is a big no-no on aluminum- even hard anodized can get
>> damaged.
>> I degreased my intake manifold on the 200q w/ Simple Green- big mistake-
>> got
>> all blotchy afterward.
Hmmm, I guess I stand corrected. Although I'll admit to using Simple Green
once to remove that duct tape residue from the rear of a 5000 tqa (the tape
was holding a broken tail light together prior to replacement) without any
noticeable problems with the paint. The car is sold now, so maybe there is a
big hole in the body where I wiped it off - nothing that a little duct tape
won't fix! LOL!.

Anyhow, I also used simple green to degrease many of the engine parts during
a timing belt change, and didn't notice any problems either. I was spraying
it on, using a brush on the grime to loosen the dirt and then rinsing it
off, and drying the parts. I didn't soak any parts directly in the stuff.

So, use Simple Green at your own risk!

Sounds like there are some other options out there that listers recommend,
so you probably can find an appropriate product to solve the duct tape
residue issue.

Thanks for the correction/enlightenment, folks.

'95 S6 Avant

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