another dumb CGT question

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Jan 11 13:35:51 EST 2007

> Yep, mirrors are the same.

No, they aren't - the sedan has a different windshield rake, and the 
mounting part of the mirror is angled to match.  The glass and motors, 
however, are the same.

>> i assume the mirrors on the '85-'87 CGT and the '85-'87 4k are the same?

>> ps, im very impressed with this type 85 layout..   no "bomb", no leaky
>> pentosin lines, battery easilty acessable under the hood...whoa!!  its 
>> like a dream come true!

>> power window motors suck though..

It could be a problem (corroded connectors, etc.) with the wiring... 
measure how much the voltage drops at the motor when its operating.

Huw Powell

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